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CSCMP's social network offer opportunities where users can share knowledge, experiences, and other helpful information. Since most of the interactions are public, the experience is best when people follow certain guidelines. The User Agreement provides detailed guidelines for registered user conduct. Here is some helpful advice:

CSCMP Community Guidelines

Read the CSCMP Website Privacy and Security Policy: The CSCMP Website Privacy and Security Policy contains the details of proper social networking media usage.

Use "Netiquette": There are several sources on the Internet that can help you communicate effectively by following standard “Netiquette.” Quite simply, Netiquette is a set of core guidelines to help the cyberspace community behave productively while online. Since expression, gestures, and voice tone are all invisible to members, it’s helpful to understand basic online rules.

Be Succinct: Stay on topic and collect your thoughts before communicating them publicly in writing. If your comments are off topic, you may wish to indicate this early in your message or perhaps the subject header.

Build Online Rapport: In addition to mutual understanding, there will surely be conflicting points of view at times. Remember to respect the opinions of others. Part of what makes a good community is the ability to see different points of view. Agreeing to disagree is good Netiquette. Those who foster goodwill, will get more participation from others.

SPAM & Solicitation: Don't "spam" the boards with multiple postings or inappropriate messages (like advertising) as those messages will be removed. Promotion of non-cscmp related events, products, and services will be removed.  Repeat offenders will have their access to our online communities forfeited.

Respect Others: This is really the bottom line. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This includes refraining from using profanity or engaging in conduct that would be deemed inappropriate in real-life, face-to-face situations.

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